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My Prego Cardio Workout

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Staying active and healthy is a huge concern of mine, and should be yours, throughout my pregnancy.  Experts suggest at least 30 minutes of physical activity A DAY for expecting moms.  Exercise and staying active can ease pregnancy symptoms, quicken and ease your little one’s delivery, and is actually healthy for you and the babe!

**Please note that I was and have remained very active before and throughout my pregnancy. I work out for health benefits for me and my baby, not to lose weight or burn extra calories!!  You should always consult your OB before starting any sort of exercise program or routines.  I am not a doctor and what is okay for me may not be in you and your baby’s best interest so please please talk to your doctor before you workout. If you are cleared be sure to drink plenty of water and add extra calories, depending on your trimester, to be sure your babe is getting all the nutrients it needs.**

Here in good old Louisiana, it is already 90+ degrees outside with humidity that will make even the straightest hair frizz like Curly Sue. That being said, I try and get my workouts in before 8:30 or hit up the gym to avoid over heating.  Luckily, or sadly depending on your view-point, I am up at 5 working with clients most mornings so I usually am able to get my workout in before it gets too hot out so I can enjoy the buggy  great outdoors.

Many of you have been asking for an example of a workout that I do so here it is, this is actually what I did this morning.

Not Pregnant? Pregnant but not at the same level? No problem, you can mix this workout up by adjusting the intensity of your jog to a run or sprint, adding more or less jogging time and recovery time, and more or different plyos in between jogging/running segments to adjust for your skill level.

25 minute cardio/plyometric workout:

Equipment: Stop watch and a killer play list to jam to.

  • Warm up: Walk/slow jog. I usually go 2-3 minutes to make sure my muscles are nice and warmed up.
  • The Main Event:  Jog 3 minutes.  Keep stop watch running for the rest of the workout without pressing stop, even if you have to rest
  • Complete Front lunge walk, 20 total steps; 10/each leg
  • Walk remaining time until 5 minute mark, make sure you are breathing deep and recovering from jog
  • Jog 3 more minutes
  • Complete 12 tricep dips (I use the curb to do these on) and 10 push ups
  • Walk remaining time until 10 minute mark,  again make sure you are breathing deep and recovering from jog
  • Jog 3 minutes
  • Complete 15 squats
  • Walk remaining time until 15 minute mark
  • Jog 3 minutes
  • Stop and while walking complete small arm circles 30 seconds one direction, then switch and immediately do the opposite direction with no rest 30 more seconds
  • Walk remaining time until 20 minute mark
  • Cool Down: Walk until you have recovered your breath fully, STRETCH!! (2-3 minutes)

Pregnant or not make sure to drink plenty of water before and after working out! If you are prego make sure you are adjusting your calorie intake to account for the calories you are burning to ensure you are continuing to give your babe the nutrition it needs to keep growing!

Like this workout?? Let me know by liking, sharing or commenting below and I can continue to add more like this on my blog!

Excuses Are Like Baby Bumps…

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Excuses are everywhere and everyone has them, even me!

Many of you may have noticed a lack in my posts on my Facebook, twitter, blog and every other social media I use as a way to promote health and happiness.  Don’t think I have forgotten about you all or that I have quit my beloved job of personal training and health advice.  No, I have gone into the dark hole many women call their first trimester of pregnancy! Yes I am happy to announce my husband and I are expecting our first-born!

I am finally into my 2nd trimester and have reclaimed my humanity. I felt like a zombie the last 10 weeks. I literally could fall asleep standing up! But instead of pushing through I used my pregnancy as an excuse to lack on my health and my job, not with my individual clients they still got their butt’s whipped in the gym, no but with all of you. And for that I apologize. I will no longer use this pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things, including eating well!

Seriously, I need to stop the damsel in distress act and realize that this is a reality for the next 5+ months. I will be tired, cranky, and HUNGRY. But I need to keep in mind that this process is not just about me; it’s about my baby, family and career. And staying healthy and at my best for them is what is important.

Now before you all think this is just for all my prego ladies out there lets remember we all face easy outs and excuses 24/7! “My head hurts”, “My house needs to be cleaned”, “I am too tired to cook diner tonight”…the list goes on and on. Making healthy choices both for our bodies and our careers needs to be a daily thing we work on.  We all, especially me, need to recommit to a lifestyle of thinking of the long-term and of others.  So here is my new pledge!!! I will be a normal person the next 5 months, I will eat healthy (obvs I can cheat a little) and I will be productive!  What’s yours???