Excuses Are Like Baby Bumps…

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Excuses are everywhere and everyone has them, even me!

Many of you may have noticed a lack in my posts on my Facebook, twitter, blog and every other social media I use as a way to promote health and happiness.  Don’t think I have forgotten about you all or that I have quit my beloved job of personal training and health advice.  No, I have gone into the dark hole many women call their first trimester of pregnancy! Yes I am happy to announce my husband and I are expecting our first-born!

I am finally into my 2nd trimester and have reclaimed my humanity. I felt like a zombie the last 10 weeks. I literally could fall asleep standing up! But instead of pushing through I used my pregnancy as an excuse to lack on my health and my job, not with my individual clients they still got their butt’s whipped in the gym, no but with all of you. And for that I apologize. I will no longer use this pregnancy as an excuse to get out of things, including eating well!

Seriously, I need to stop the damsel in distress act and realize that this is a reality for the next 5+ months. I will be tired, cranky, and HUNGRY. But I need to keep in mind that this process is not just about me; it’s about my baby, family and career. And staying healthy and at my best for them is what is important.

Now before you all think this is just for all my prego ladies out there lets remember we all face easy outs and excuses 24/7! “My head hurts”, “My house needs to be cleaned”, “I am too tired to cook diner tonight”…the list goes on and on. Making healthy choices both for our bodies and our careers needs to be a daily thing we work on.  We all, especially me, need to recommit to a lifestyle of thinking of the long-term and of others.  So here is my new pledge!!! I will be a normal person the next 5 months, I will eat healthy (obvs I can cheat a little) and I will be productive!  What’s yours???

Throw Back Video: Buns Of Steel

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Yes people, dust off your VHS player and let’s get down on some Buns Of Steel!

If you are like me and I suppose the rest of modern America, I do not own a VHS player anymore but not to fret just head on over to the dollar bin at Wal-Mart or Best Buy and pick up the new DVD version of this amazing classic! And don’t worry it still has the awesome eighties packaging and is the exact same video.

Great Leg and Hip workout

This baby was actually a gift from one of my clients who said she saw it and couldn’t resist buying it. Too bad for her it KILLED me and I can’t wait to start using some of the moves good old Greg Smithey came up with on her!  So to all my clients please look at this man and thank him for your new fab booty.

Buns of Steel

I am very serious about this workout being a killer! The cardio warmup involves your arms the ENTIRE time and they were definitely feeling the burn by the time we were ready to begin the “real” workout.  The next part of the workout is obviously all buns, mainly focusing on your hips and those abductors and adductors that shape them.  It was killer and Greg was a cheesey  great motivator reminding us that “we are going to impress people coming and going”, and to “keep squeezing all that fat right out of our hips”.

The length of each move was what was really hard about this workout.  Imagine an hour-long Pilates class doing only about 5 moves over and over, it burns deep and in places I never knew existed after a while.  I wanted to give up but instead I decided to just people watch all of the class members in the background to keep me distracted.  The eighties were not the best in the way of exercise gear. Not only are there high cut leotards but they wear spandex under them and then a different color underwear over them.  Add in leg warmers and the occasional fannie pack and the only thing I can say is best people watching I’ve done in a while.  Here is my favorite girl, she had it all and then some!:

Great leg workout

Please notice the belt and the amazeballs headband over the perm mixed with leg warmers and those fresh reebok hightops.  I die.

Moral of the story is trying some of these classics could be a great way to mix up your workouts and give you new old ideas for fashion and exercises.

Log It!

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Track Your Journey To Make Sure You See Every Success You Earn!

This single action was the spark I needed to continue and be succesful in my weight loss journey.  Logging your every move will help you to stay committed to your weight loss plan.  When you have to write down that you ate a whole cake or that you did not do any exercise that week, it may be hard and disappointing but that guilt may be just what you needed! I know its hard for everyone to admit when they have done something wrong or that they aren’t perfect but keeping yourself accountable is HUGE a part of this whole journey.  Only when we realize that it is our own doing that we are in the position of being over-weight or unhappy in life can we begin to take it upon ourselves to change!

My weight-loss started to really stick when I started “Bringing Sexy Back 2011”,  my excercise calendar I hung in my kitchen, yes in my kitchen where everyone could see!  I would write each day what I did as far as excercise that day.  Seeing a blank day would drive me nuts and everyone who saw it would be like, “Hmm…Looks like you’re doing great Am but what happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, no work out??”.  I became determined to keep up my workout habits so instead of inconsistency people would see how committed I was to working out!

Don’t just stop at food and exercise as your log, log your progress! Every two weeks log your weight and measurements. Weight is not as good a measure of progress as measurements are.  You will find that sometimes you start losing inches before weight, and going down a size is something to be excited about!! Log your mile time, log your push up count. Log everything and anything you can think of. Take before pictures and retake them every two weeks in the same clothes. The more you log the more evidence you will have that YOU ARE IMPROVING!!! Sometimes we lose track of how far we have actually come because we forget how bad we really were. weight-loss

Change is scary because sometimes we are afraid of failure.  That’s okay. Learn to celebrate your small success! Those small victories, like running a whole mile without walking or going a whole week without cheating on your diet, are the starts to your big goals! That’s what your log should be about, not the guilt of messing up but the excitement of success!

Believe in yourself!


We All Need a Little Thinspiration

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Places To Find That Motivation To Get Going, Or To Stay Going.

With such great networking sites like Facebook, Tumblr, Pintrest, and blogs galore we have no excuse to lose our fitness spark.  Whether it’s a motivating picture of a super fit 6 pack, a new workout, or a healthy recipe there are endless options and ways to stay motivated when it comes to getting fit and healthy.  Here are just a few favorites of mine that help me on my rainy days:

Fitness Motivation

Reasonstobefit is just that; some great reasons to not give up or to get going.  Reasons are placed over motivating postcards of hot fitness babes, healthy food, or other pictures from your fav TV shows or movies.  Some reasons are serious and others are a little more light-hearted including funny pop culture references. You can read other’s reasons to keep going or even create and submit your own! This site changes almost daily so it’s great to check back on a regular basis and still get the thinspiration you need!

motivation for workouts

It’s crazy how some new cute workout clothes can get me excited to hit the gym and show them off! Tracie, a self-proclaimed workout clothes aholic, brings you a daily outfit from headbands to shoes to watches and unique kick-ass shirts, and tells you exactly where you can get it! With sayings like “Do these squats make my butt look big?” on your shirt how can you not get excited to go and get your sweat on??

healthy recipes has amazing recipes that, just as the title would have you expect, are actually healthy for you!! There are tons of options to give you that much needed pick me up from the healthy eating blues you can sometimes fall into.  The recipes include nutritional values and servings sizes which make it super easy to stay on track and have a delicious meal! With the holidays coming up and football parties galore I would definitely make sure you save this page to your favorites!

Looking for more motivation?? I am always on the look out and make sure to pin any new blogs or tmblrs I come across to the Amy Williams Fitness Pintrest account. Be sure to start following our pins by clicking here and hit follow!!!


Finding Solutions Not Excuses

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Get Creative And Have a Successful Weight Loss Plan!

Let’s be honest, everyone is busy.  Whether you’re planing a wedding, running around after your kids, or even just trying to get through your 9-5 you have little time to think about what you ate last night let alone your next workout.  Instead of treating your fitness as a luxury you don’t have the time for, lets find some solutions for the top reasons you “just can’t find the time” to make your health a priority.

Excuse #1: I just don’t have the time to workout!

Solution: Who said your fitness routine had to be long?  Did you know, according to the American Heart Association, your daily exercise can “add up”! That means if you can find 10-15 minutes 2+ times a day you can get a great workout in! Instead of hitting that alarm clock three times get up and go for a short walk or jog.  Take the family and dogs on an evening walk around the block after dinner. Or take a short break at work and walk around the parking lot or neighborhood.  Right before bed do 20 push ups and 20 sit ups.  The saying is definitely true: Small things all add up!

Excuse #2: I am too tired to do anything once I get home!

Solution: Your body is energized by exercise! Now I know what you are thinking, “That chick is cray cray”…But trust me! Exercise releases endorphins in our bodies which energize us and put us in a great mood.  So not only will your body be happy you exercised, you will be too!

Quick Weight-loss program

Excuse #3: I don’t have money for a gym membership and I don’t have workout equipment at home!

Solution: Look at your surroundings as one big gym! Most of my sessions are in homes and trust me I am no mobile gym! You can get a great full body workout with household items if you are willing to use your imagination! Use your kitchen chair to do some triceps dips or put your feet on it and do some inverted push ups.  Fill up some water bottles and use them as dumbbells for some bicep curls or triceps extensions.  Your options are limitless!!

When it comes down to it, you are your biggest obstacle when it comes to your weight-loss program!  Your health is just as important as your family or wedding or job because you are important to them!  You can’t be the best you if you’re not healthy, so if not for you, make the time for them!!

So what’s your excuse? I’d love to hear from you all and help you with your own solutions!!

“If it’s important to you, you will find a way. If not you will find an excuse.”


Why I Started Personal Training in Shreveport

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First, I just want to welcome you to my site!! To help you get to know me, I thought I might share why I decided to become a personal trainer here in Shreveport, LA.

For those who don’t know me, I am a very competitive person in all things I do, from Scrabble to sports, I have to WIN. I learned to channel this competitive spirit through sports at an early age and carried that through college. After I graduated I moved here to Shreveport from Denver, CO with my husband. Coming off of a time in my life where my metabolism was at its best, I was super active in team sports and I was eating whatever I wanted, I thought I was immune to weight gain. I definitely was not!!! By the time I had been here for just 6 months I had gained 20 lbs on my 5′ 0″ frame.  Whether it was due to poor eating habits, becoming sedentary, or my metabolism slowing down because I was not 19 anymore, it happened and I needed to lose weight!

The main motivating factor for me was my wanting to get down to my ideal wedding weight, that at the time, was a year away. I was not going to allow my friends and family coming from Denver to see me that way, let alone be photographed looking that way!  I tried to do all of the short cuts, the lemonade diet, the diet pills etc. but nothing seemed to work. Being the non-quitter I am, I decided I needed to buckle down and change my habits in order to change my body (#lightbulbmoment).  So I started making schedules and workout plans for myself to follow in the gym, I watched my diet, and after seeing some small results I was hooked! I had more energy and confidence than ever before!  I learned that I just needed to believe in myself and stick to my plan and slowly but surely I would reach my weight loss goals.  Today, just over a year later, I have lost the 20 lbs I gained.  I never realized how much I had actually gained and lost until I put this before and after photo together:

Before and After Weight Loss Results

May 2011                                                            August 2012

It’s crazy how it took me so long to notice and to admit how much weight I was actually gaining!

My success fuelled my passion for fitness and for life in such a way I knew I wanted to help others.  I decided to become a certified personal trainer, so I can help others attain their goals. Believe me when I say it’s worth it!! You can do it and I can help!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”-Christian D. Larson