Let Me Help with Your Wedding Weight Loss Plan!

Every bride wants to look perfect on her wedding day. With my easy to follow personalized work out plan for the weeks leading up to your wedding, you will firm up all of your important areas as well as lose any extra lbs that might be lingering around. Please contact me today to get started on the path to your ideal wedding day body!

I can get you real results! Don’t just take it from me, read two of my most recent bride’s testimonials:

Real Bridal ResultsI began working with Amy about 7 weeks before my wedding. I have always had trouble getting past those last 10- 15 pounds, and I knew that I needed help if I wanted them off before my big day. I worked out with Amy 2 or 3 times a week leading up to the wedding, and I started seeing results almost immediately- I definitely was feeling better about myself and my appearance. Amy created personalized work out plans which were fun to do and effective; and in my case, Amy had the additional difficulty of creating plans that weren’t too hard on my knees and shoulder, where I have tendonitis. She did an amazing job. In addition to helping me stay motivated and creating personalized work out plans for me, Amy gave me suggestions for snacks and other everyday things that could help me lose those last few pounds. Ultimately, when my wedding day came, I was 11 lbs lighter, and my waist was 2 inches smaller! I was thrilled with the results, and I know that my special day was made even more so by the confidence I had in myself thanks to Amy Williams Fitness.” -Elizabeth Kennedy

I used to always envy the girls that were so motivated and disciplFit Bridesined in their work outs. This is something I struggled with for most of my life. My slogan used to be “I only run if I am being chased” but with my wedding coming up I knew it was time that I got in shape. Its now been 4 months since I started training with Amy and my view of working out (and health in general) has completely changed! Amy is the perfect combination of tough (“Amy, you are KILLING me!”) and encouraging (“France-Claire, you can do it, your doing so AWESOME”). What love most about Amy is that she works with the whole person — mentally, emotionally and physically. I cant believe I actually look forward to getting out of bed at 6AM to work out, she always makes me laugh and keeps me on my toes! Amy is a truly excellent trainer and because of her efforts, I am physically stronger and emotionally happier and most importantly, working out has become fun….who would’ve thought? I recommend Amy without reservation, she has truly been a blessing in my life.” -France Claire Hebert

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