Advocare is a premier health and wellness company offering world-class energy, weight-loss, nutrition, and sports performance products along with a rewarding business opportunity.

As a trainer I am asked a lot about how I got started on my wellness journey and what kept me going.  My answer without a doubt, besides my hard work and adherence, is the Advocare 24 Day Challenge.  I was getting married in about 30 days and I had struggled the past year to lose just 10 lbs of my 25 lb goal and I was stuck. I worked out, watched my diet, I was doing as much as possible to improve my health but it seemed my body’s “set point” (the weight your body is comfortable with) would not budge.  My friend had posted about the Advocare 24 Day challenge and had included her before and after pictures. I was immediately intrigued. She did not look malnourished or starving, she looked fit!! So I decided to try it.  Not only was it a great way to re-jump start my weight loss but I learned healthy eating habits to take with me after the challenge, something no other diet had given me.  In those 24 days I lost right around 10 more lbs and felt AMAZING just in time for my big day!

Here are my before and after pictures:

Healthy Supplements

I now continue to take Advocare products including; Spark Energy Drink, Catalyst, MNS Max 3, and I have done the cleanse portion of the challenge once more since completing my first challenge 8 months ago.

Advocare has many NON-PAID Professional Athlete endorsers including Drew Brees, Jason Witten, and World Class Sprinter Veronica Campbell-Brown to name a few.  They have a Scientific and Medical advisory board ensuring the products are held to the highest standards and are 100% safe.  They are also backed by INFORMED-CHOICE due to the expensive and stringent testing the products go through to ensure there are no banned substances in any of the products.

I am an Advocare distributor so if you would like any more information on the 24 Day Challenge or any other Advocare Products to compliment all aspects of your wellness and or training program, please contact me and I would be happy to help in any way!