Track Your Journey To Make Sure You See Every Success You Earn!

This single action was the spark I needed to continue and be succesful in my weight loss journey.  Logging your every move will help you to stay committed to your weight loss plan.  When you have to write down that you ate a whole cake or that you did not do any exercise that week, it may be hard and disappointing but that guilt may be just what you needed! I know its hard for everyone to admit when they have done something wrong or that they aren’t perfect but keeping yourself accountable is HUGE a part of this whole journey.  Only when we realize that it is our own doing that we are in the position of being over-weight or unhappy in life can we begin to take it upon ourselves to change!

My weight-loss started to really stick when I started “Bringing Sexy Back 2011”,  my excercise calendar I hung in my kitchen, yes in my kitchen where everyone could see!  I would write each day what I did as far as excercise that day.  Seeing a blank day would drive me nuts and everyone who saw it would be like, “Hmm…Looks like you’re doing great Am but what happened on Tuesday and Wednesday, no work out??”.  I became determined to keep up my workout habits so instead of inconsistency people would see how committed I was to working out!

Don’t just stop at food and exercise as your log, log your progress! Every two weeks log your weight and measurements. Weight is not as good a measure of progress as measurements are.  You will find that sometimes you start losing inches before weight, and going down a size is something to be excited about!! Log your mile time, log your push up count. Log everything and anything you can think of. Take before pictures and retake them every two weeks in the same clothes. The more you log the more evidence you will have that YOU ARE IMPROVING!!! Sometimes we lose track of how far we have actually come because we forget how bad we really were. weight-loss

Change is scary because sometimes we are afraid of failure.  That’s okay. Learn to celebrate your small success! Those small victories, like running a whole mile without walking or going a whole week without cheating on your diet, are the starts to your big goals! That’s what your log should be about, not the guilt of messing up but the excitement of success!

Believe in yourself!


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