Why I Started Personal Training in Shreveport

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First, I just want to welcome you to my site!! To help you get to know me, I thought I might share why I decided to become a personal trainer here in Shreveport, LA.

For those who don’t know me, I am a very competitive person in all things I do, from Scrabble to sports, I have to WIN. I learned to channel this competitive spirit through sports at an early age and carried that through college. After I graduated I moved here to Shreveport from Denver, CO with my husband. Coming off of a time in my life where my metabolism was at its best, I was super active in team sports and I was eating whatever I wanted, I thought I was immune to weight gain. I definitely was not!!! By the time I had been here for just 6 months I had gained 20 lbs on my 5′ 0″ frame.  Whether it was due to poor eating habits, becoming sedentary, or my metabolism slowing down because I was not 19 anymore, it happened and I needed to lose weight!

The main motivating factor for me was my wanting to get down to my ideal wedding weight, that at the time, was a year away. I was not going to allow my friends and family coming from Denver to see me that way, let alone be photographed looking that way!  I tried to do all of the short cuts, the lemonade diet, the diet pills etc. but nothing seemed to work. Being the non-quitter I am, I decided I needed to buckle down and change my habits in order to change my body (#lightbulbmoment).  So I started making schedules and workout plans for myself to follow in the gym, I watched my diet, and after seeing some small results I was hooked! I had more energy and confidence than ever before!  I learned that I just needed to believe in myself and stick to my plan and slowly but surely I would reach my weight loss goals.  Today, just over a year later, I have lost the 20 lbs I gained.  I never realized how much I had actually gained and lost until I put this before and after photo together:

Before and After Weight Loss Results

May 2011                                                            August 2012

It’s crazy how it took me so long to notice and to admit how much weight I was actually gaining!

My success fuelled my passion for fitness and for life in such a way I knew I wanted to help others.  I decided to become a certified personal trainer, so I can help others attain their goals. Believe me when I say it’s worth it!! You can do it and I can help!

“Believe in yourself and all that you are. Know that there is something inside you that is greater than any obstacle.”-Christian D. Larson


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